The DDoS attacks on Sponge and GoDaddy sites last month had been caused by a DDoS attack in the servers worth mentioning web hosting companies, which put many GoDaddy customers, as well as some Sponge customers under strike. The DDoS was the effect of a person or group getting in touch with themselves “DDoSers” (Doing That Now). We have asked them to halt this action and they haven’t. Therefore is the “DDoS” group in charge of the DoS attacks in GoDaddy and Sponge? Very well, there are several people who use the internet and also other ways to give thousands of emails to large numbers of people, in order to launch DoS attacks.

One of many concerns I have is with the mentality that episodes on sites such as DDoS are merely “fair” game – an individual expect these to get reasonable. Fair who I consult? To those on the net that are spending their hard-earned money online, a domain, or a webhosting product. They are entitled to to be aware of their info is secure, covered, and their facts is held confidential all the time.

Some of you might think “Well if that site is so significant how can they will be hacked? ” The truth is, a person could hijack the internal web server of a internet site or even a person host and cause havoc to the site, or can do some significant damage to a host server and cause the website to go straight down. It is a depressed fact that we all cannot settle-back and watch the information and our dollars move through sites just like GoDaddy and more. It is very awful when it happens, but it takes place and everyone has to manage it.

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